Intensive Driving Courses Yeovil

Bennetts intensive courses UK are renowned for ensuring you will receive value for money on all of our courses. All our drivers that conduct concentrated courses in Yeovil meet the DVSA standard. The driving lesson times are dependent on your schedule and the time frame in which you want to learn, our shortest course is 3 days with the test being taken on the last day. All our courses are designed for fast paced learners, the instructors we use are very familiar with teaching fast pass courses so they will encourage you to learn at a fast but yet safe pace.  We have a variety of different vehicles to suit your individual needs, they will be clean, tidy and fitted with dual controls. Choosing the right course in Yeovil is easy with our helpful and friendly team who will guide you to the recommended course for your ability. If you have not yet passed your theory test then we can incorporate this as part of your course, we have online theory and hazard perception training that we can provide for you to practice and gain confidence to prepare you for your test. Most of our crash courses are conducted in a manual car but we can offer automatic if you prefer. If your fed up of doing driving lessons week to week then choose one of our intensive courses, there will be no travelling or expensive hotels as instructors will come to you so set yourself free and book one of our fast pass courses in Yeovil today, our office is open Monday to Friday 8-8 or Saturday 9-5.


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1-days-icons_013 Day Crash Driving Course

This driving course consists of 14 hours and is suited to pupils with an extensive amount of previous driving or have failed their practical test recently. This course would not be suitable for a novice driver with no previous driving experience. The course in normally run over 3 days but can be more or less if required.

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1-days-icons_024 Day Crash Driving Course

This course consists of 18 hours and is ideal for students that have reached a good standard of driving or may have had a driving test in the past and require just a small amount of tuition. This course normally runs over 4 days with the practical test booked on the last day.

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1-days-icons_035 Day Intense Driving Course

This driving course consists of 22 hours and is ideally suited to pupils with a fair amount of driving experience. This course would not be suitable for a beginner with no previous driving experience. The course in normally run over 5 days but can be more or less if required, you will have your driving test booked on the last day of your course. This course is ideal if you want to book a week off work.

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1-days-icons_046 Day Crash Driving Course

The 6 day driving course consists of 26 hours and is normally conducted over 6 days but if required can be taken over more or less days to suit your needs. You would most suit this course if you have a general basis of driving. The driving course will end with the driving test on the last day of your course.

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1Week Intensive Driving Course

This 7 day driving course consists of 30 hours and is suitable for candidates with just the basic driving skills and have a natural appetite towards driving. The course is very popular with people starting on the Monday and passing their driving test the following Monday. If you are not sure if this is the course for you then call us and our staff will be able to help you choose the right course for your ability.

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8 Day Fast Pass Driving Course

The 8 day intensive driving course is our most popular course and consists of 34 hours and is for a confident novice driver. This is also favorite for the not so confident individual with a small amount of driving experience. Think what a feeling when you pass your driving test in just 8 days rather than the average 9-10 months of lessons, you can see why this course is a real winner with our pupils.

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9 Day Fast Pass Driving Course

Our 9 day intensive driving course is very popular, the course will consist of 38 hours, we call it a 9 day course but if required we can tailor a package to suit your needs and requirements. This course is suitable for candidates with no previous driving experience. This crash course will have your driving test on the last day of your course.

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10 Day Condensed Driving Course

The 10 day intensive driving course consists of 42 hours to be taken over 10 consecutive days or can be arranged over a different time scale to suit your individual needs. The driving test it taken at the last day of your course. This course will be suitable for candidates with no previous driving experience. Just think how nice it would be to start your lessons and in just 10 days you can have a full driving licence.

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Learning to drive is an essential skill for life, if you were learning to play tennis you would like to find the best instructor in your area likewise when you are taking an intensive driving course, a professional driving instructor will teach you to drive and pass your test in an efficient and effective manor. There is a vast amount of driving schools in Yeovil offering intensive driving courses but do a little homework before choosing a particular driving school.

One of the first considerations for most people is the cost that is involved, choosing the cheapest intensive package is not always the best idea as things are normally cheap for a reason, you should look for pass rates, feedback and reviews of driving courses provided by students that have taken lessons and passed their driving test already.

The qualities that we look for in all our instructors that provide our intensive courses in Yeovil are patience whilst conducting the lessons, be able to identify your strong and weak points and tailor each instruction session to suit your needs and ability, be on time, polite and concise with their directions and above all be able to encourage you to learn at a fast but yet safe pace. Your instructor will be honest and may have to criticize you on your weak points but will not discourage you in your overall driving course. The car you will learn in will be chosen for its teaching ability, maintained and serviced to a high standard and kept clean and tidy. At Bennetts intensives our aim is to provide you with an impeccable service for all your intensive driving lessons that you the customer deserves.